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Special Event Supporter helps support LIFE events that are held throughout the year. The role gives members short-term meaningful experiences and could serve as an introduction to volunteering at LIFE.

The Class Host is a class ambassador as well as an administrative one. You will introduce registrants to each other, provide information about LIFE, information about the course, track the attendance, assist with the evaluation process and support and provide feedback to LIFE. We need a class host for all our courses.

Moderators are class leaders who facilitate a course for LIFE. They do not need to be experts in teaching or the subject area but need to have a passion or interest in their topic.

This committee is responsible for the strategy and vehicles for communication with LIFE members.

This committee develops and implements short-term, unique learning events and social activities to meet the needs of LIFE members.

This committee is responsible for volunteer management processes and activities that support volunteers throughout their life cycle with the LIFE Institute.

This committee identifies and secures physical space for LIFE courses outside the Ryerson campus.

This committee recruits and supports moderators and lecturers who are developing new courses for LIFE members.

This committee maintains and supports current and past moderators and walk leaders.

This committee recruits, orients and supports class hosts.

This committee develops, plans and leads guided walks for LIFE members.


Membership in the LIFE Institute runs from July 1st to June 30th. Membership is $80.00 and cannot be prorated. Please note that in order to register for courses/events you must purchase a membership for the appropriate academic year.

Membership renewals begin July 1. New members can register beginning August 8.

    July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019

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Acknowledgement and Release of Liability
Members and Guests of the LIFE Institute (LIFE) understand that they may choose to participate in courses and activities some of which may take place off the campus of Ryerson University (Ryerson). Should they suffer any injury of any sort during the course of such activities or during activities which take place at the Ryerson campus, they acknowledge that they may not hold LIFE or Ryerson or any persons connected with either LIFE or Ryerson responsible for such injury and agree to release all parties of any liability in connection therewith. If any member or guest of LIFE has any condition which may make an activity (including any meals or food which may be offered or provided) any more hazardous for them than for the average person, they undertake to bring this to the attention of the course or activity leader or moderator and accept his or her judgment as to the advisability of their participation. Anyone who fails to mention such condition or decides to continue with the course or activity despite being advised not to must understand that he or she does so entirely at her or his own risk, relying on his or her own judgment for this purpose. Members and guests should also note that, if any member or guest, while on an off-campus activity of LIFE, should cause damage to person or property, they are NOT relieved of liability even if the insurance of LIFE, Ryerson, or any other person may also provide coverage.
Registrants using this website acknowledge that the LIFE Institute is not responsible for, nor will be liable to any person or loss, damages, expenses or other liabilities arising from, any emails or other communications which cannot be delivered, or bounced, or lost in transmission, including but not limited to the recipients mail server being in accessible or inoperative or the blocking of emails by an ISP or the emails being flagged as spam.
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