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Enjoy taking classes, but yearning for something more? Don't just take a LIFE course ... lead one! Volunteer instructors are the LIFE blood of our organization - without them we would not be able to offer the variety of affordable courses we do. And LIFE volunteer instructors report that the benefits go both ways!

Volunteer instructors often learn more about their course subject in the process of teaching it than they anticipated, but the benefits don't stop there. volunteer instructors tell us that leading a course can:

  • Enhance your self-confidence
  • Improve your leadership
  • Give you the satisfaction of knowing you are helping others have a rewarding learning experience
It all starts with a good idea. Most new LIFE courses come about because one of our members had a great idea. It doesn't really matter where your idea comes from ... your personal interests, another LIFE course, a conversation you had ... as long as enough members are interested in registering and you are excited about the topic.

You don't have to be a trained teacher or instructor to become a LIFE volunteer instructor. The LIFE institute offers support, free workshops and mentoring to anyone interested in leading a course ... in fact, we even have a special committee of experienced past moderators whose job it is to get help you get started, and give you encouragement and feedback along the way.

Think you're ready to get started? The best preparation for instructing a LIFE course is to take a variety of courses first. This will give you a sense of how LIFE classes are led, organized and run, and will let you experience our many different course formats.

If you've already taken several LIFE courses and are ready to jump in, you can download and read our Instructor's Handbook. In the handbook, you will:
  • Find suggestions on how to select a topic
  • Learn how to submit a proposal to the Calendar Committee
  • Find out about the volunteer instructor support we offer, and
  • Discover a wealth of information on how to administer and organize your class
Interested, but not quite ready to lead a class yet? If you think you'd like to lead a course one day, but don't feel ready yet, take it slowly! Here are some ways to ease yourself into the volunteer instructor's role:
  • Become a Class Host
    Becoming a Class Host is a great way to ease into a leadership role. As the class Instructor's assistant, you will become familiar with many of the aspects of administering a course.

  • Find a mentor
    Some of our instructors have agreed to mentor those who want to learn more about the role. A mentee position may be available if you are registered in a course that is moderated by a mentor. Contact our office for more information.

  • Co-instruct a class
    If the prospect of "going it alone" is holding you back, consider co-instructting a class instead. Look for a partner who complements your interests and teaching style ... you may find a classmate or LIFE member who is willing to team up and share the workload. Contact our office if you need help finding a co-instructor.

  • Join the Calendar or the Curriculum Committee
    Calendar and Curriculum committee work is a great way to discover more about popular and trending topics - great for someone who is having trouble finding a subject to moderate. Contact our office for more information.

  • Keep taking LIFE classes!
    The more classes you take, the more familiar you will become with the different styles of courses and leadership.

Still have questions? Don't hesitate to speak with a current course volunteer instructor or to contact our office for more information. We would be happy to help you get started.

COURSE PROPOSAL FORM FOR INSTRUCTORS Please save the form to your computer and then email it to